(Photo) College Gameday Sign Asks Chip Kelly How Philly Is Going

I guess when the Eagles have been an extremely inconsistent 3-4 and look far away from a title, Oregon fans who are currently supporting the number three Oregon Ducks rocking a 7-0 record and a legitimate shot at the national title, have a right to ask this question.

As Eagles fans, all we can really hope for is that Oregon falls tonight to the number 12 ranked UCLA Bruins, and Michael Vick gets the Eagles back on track to the playoffs tomorrow against the Giants.

As far as Kelly, the impending sanctions were a pretty big motive in him leaving Oregon to come to the Eagles. I think that we need to continue to be patient with the Eagles, remembering that Kelly is still working with a roster that is very top-heavy and for the most part, he didn’t build. The Eagles might not ever top Kelly’s first game against the Redskins, but I believe that given a few years the Eagles will produce a lot closer to that game than how they did against the Cowboys last week.

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