Marcus Vick, Michael's brother, Calls Philadelphia Eagles Fans Dumb Mother*******

Marcus Vick isn’t a smart man. His football career flamed out because of troubles with the law, and more recently has kept himself relevant by consistently having moronic (I think that’s a word) tweets that Michael Vick has to answer for.

Today, he gave us his most interesting tweets since he talked about the Riley Cooper controversy.

I’ll ignore the fact that Marcus forgot to put an asterisk for the s in the word fu*****. But just know, above all else, that pissed me off the most about this tweet.

Secondly, we aren’t dumb here. I’m a Michael Vick fan, but it isn’t like Vick has played at an All-Pro level the last two seasons and we are pushing him out the door. He had a great 2010, before turning the ball of 17 times in 2011 and 14 times in just ten games in 2012. He was playing well prior to being injured this season, but Foles came in an was more efficient leading up to today’s game. We aren’t trying to rid ourselves of a hall of fame quarterback.

Marcus wasn’t done with his tweets on the game though.


I think 20 points is an exxageration, but he has a point here. That being said, Vick struggled against the Chiefs and didn’t do much in the quarter and a half he played against the Giants, so it isn’t like he has been perfect this season either.


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