Mar 7, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay (right) announces that quarterback Peyton Manning (left) will be released and become a free agent during a press conference at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It Could Have Been Worse For Jim Irsay and The Colts

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Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay recently ran off with his mouth (and Twitter thumbs) with his thoughts about his former quarterback, Peyton Manning. The content of Irsay’s comments were that he wished the Colts had won more Super Bowls while The Sheriff wore #18 for Indy.

Oh, and Irsay happened to be doing this before a Sunday Night Football matchup that sees Manning, now Denver Broncos QB, returning to Indiana for the first time since Manning’s unceremonious divorce from the Colts.

The football media couldn’t have asked for a better way to draw up midweek drama for a Sunday’s worth of football if they worked with Hollywood scriptwriters.

Of course, Manning gave his typical politically correct answer by not responding to Irsay’s comments. Even current Colts quarterback Andrew Luck decided not to pour more fuel onto this fire.

At the annual symposium of new NFL rookies, they are advised on the ins and outs on being able to be successful in the NFL. This includes proper usage of social media.

Perhaps, there ought to be an owners’ symposium.

Jim Irsay went off a little bit too much this time. He did this clearly to draw attention to himself. There was no reason to call greater attention to this game as it does involve, arguably, the greatest Colts quarterback in history not named Johnny Unitas (who played when they were still in Baltimore, by the way) returning to Indianapolis. Heck, most Colts fans believe if not for his neck issues circa 2012, Manning would still be in Indiana and Andrew Luck would currently be a backup.

Not that Colts fans are mad that they have Luck as their quarterback. Luck is one of the best young QBs in this league and should become one of the premier QBs when father time calls the Mannings, Bradys, and Brees’s of the gridiron world.

Jim Irsay does need to remember a few things. When Peyton Manning was drafted first by the Colts out of Tennessee, he and Ryan Leaf were considered to be the top two quarterbacks of that draft. When Irsay disses Manning, either in private or to the sporting press, he needs to remember it could’ve been worse.

The Colts could have been led by Ryan Leaf—who is currently out of the league. Manning made Irsay a ton of money. Manning did win a Super Bowl for Irsay. Manning also allowed for the Colts to get a brand spankin’-new stadium—Lucas Oil Stadium, to be exact.

The shame of the problem is such a game should be about not only Manning and Luck, but the two teams. The Broncos and Colts have a legitimate shot to meet again in the playoffs. The Broncos are 6-0 and are virtually already in the playoffs while the Colts have basically won the AFC South as the rest of it has gone, well…south.

Irsay tried to dial back his comments, but he had already spilled the beans and they’re all over his expensive Armani suit.

No worries, though. With all of the money #18 made him, he can afford a few more.

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