Philly Phlashback: Matt Stairs Slugs The Most Important Homerun In Phillies History

Because all of Philadelphia has been sulking through the MLB playoffs, longing for days that don’t seem to be that long ago when the Phillies were a perennial World Series contender, a former Phillies hero brightened your day this morning.


I love this tweet, because Stairs doesn’t shy away from his place in Philadelphia sports history. He played a difficult role on a 2008 Phillies team, which led many to ask “Who the hell is this guy?” ten seconds before he scared Jonathan Broxton for life, and he doesn’t hesitate to bring up the biggest moment of his journeyman career.

Stairs homerun gave the Phillies a 3-1 lead in the NLCS, en route to a five game NLCS win and a 2008 World Title.

Watching this makes me even more disdainful of where the Phillies are just five years after this homerun.


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