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Philadelphia Eagles' LeSean McCoy on Denver Broncos Knowshon Moreno "He Sucks"; Moreno Responds

The Philadelphia Eagles may have suffered an embarrassing 52-20 defeat at the hands of the Denver Broncos just two Sunday’s ago, but don’t try to convince LeSean McCoy that Broncos running-back Knowshon Moreno had much to do with it.

While Moreno was busy having one of the best games of his career in an eventual 51-48 win over the Cowboys, McCoy responded to a tweet from the world’s must unintelligent sports fan, Skip Bayless.


It would be to easy for me to just blame Skip Bayless for the entire beef and wash my hands clean of it. But for once, Bayless actually made a statement about a game that wasn’t fueled by getting casual sports fans to watch his scripted morning sports show.

So why did Shady take a shot at Moreno?


Moreno said that after the game, but didn’t hesitate to throw a win back in Shady’s face on Twitter last night.


I’ll ignore the fact that Moreno tweeted such an important tweet with broken hashtags, as much as it is bothering me.

The only reason I could imagine that McCoy would have an issue with Moreno is that Moreno was selected 12th overall in a draft that saw Shady stay on the board until the 43rd pick.

I’m sure that fueled McCoy, and five seasons later McCoy is leading the NFL in rushing yards, and while Moreno has revived his career in Denver, he certainly never lived up to his draft-day expectations.

The best part of this entire beef to me, was fans who would respond to Shady by saying “We blew you out, and you are 2-3″. Both of those statements are true, but it isn’t McCoy’s fault that he plays on a team with an abysmal defense and Moreno has been blessed to line up behind arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

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