Chad Johnson And Dave Spadaro Agree Johnson Unlikely To Be An Eagle

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As intriguing as it would be, don’t expect Chad Johnson to be rocking number 85 in midnight green anytime soon.

Not that anyone who really follows the Eagles considers the Eagles team reporter Dave Spadaro the be-all, end-all, on Eagles matters, but Spadaro did give an obvious answer today about the likelyhood of Chad Johnson coming to the Philadelphia Eagles, that is worth talking about.


Of course Johnson, who really only appears to have Twitter left in his life, fired a tweet back.


And then Spadaro had to try to be funny, of course.


That is the type of comment that if Spadaro said it in real life while I was standing with him and Johnson, I would give a real fake obnoxious laugh, and then once Spadaro turned his head, ask Johnson if he thought Spadaro really thought he was being funny.

Regardless, the tweets did serve a point. First, for whatever it meant, we learned that someone with inside sources with the Eagles organization believes that there isn’t much of a chance of Chad Johnson coming to the birds. Secondly, we learned by Johnson’s response that his maturity doesn’t seem to have increased since we last saw him slapping his lawyers ass in court.

Johnson used to be a nice name, but it’s been two years since he played in the NFL, and four years since he had over 1,000 yards. Hell, Randy Moss, or dare I say Terrell Owens, would be better pickups than Johnson at this point. I don’t care how ineffective Riley Cooper has been as the number two receiver, Johnson isn’t a solution at this point.


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