Football Nation:400 Years Of America's Game-A Must Read For All Football Fans

Because of the work that I do on Section 215 and The Real Sports Talk, I often get advanced copies of sports books, from authors looking for me to do reviews. Getting an advanced copy means that I get the book for free, so I always read the entire book, because if someone is going to take the time and spend money to send me a free copy of their book, I feel inclined to at least read the book. Usually I come to the conclusion that the book deserved to be published, but if I didn’t get a free copy of it, I probably wouldn’t have had any reason to finish the book. That is usually.

Monday, I got an advanced copy of Football Nation:400 Years Of America’s Game, and just as I glanced through the book, I could tell that this was going to be a book that I really enjoyed reading. Not only does the book feature incredible content about how we got to today’s football, demographics of the NFL, and some of the most important people to ever be involved with the game, but it features incredible pictures from Archibald MacLeish to Robert Griffin III, and everyone in between.

This isn’t just to type of book that you read, and allow to collect dust afterwards. This is the type of book that you read, and re-read, and in between you put it on display with the rest of your prized sports memorabilia and brag every to your friends every chance you get about you have a book that encompasses so much of the history of the sport of football through words and pictures.

The book is written by Susan Reyburn, an author and editor at the Library of Congress, and reading the book and looking through the pictures, I can tell that Susan used every available resource to her at the Library of Congress.

Again, the content is really well written, but I was blown away by the amount of amazing pictures that I have never seen that demonstrate the history of the game and how far football has come.

In between getting ready to lose to the Eagles this Sunday, New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning praised the book as well.

Football Nation is an awesome read and unlike any other sports history I’ve come across. It’s great to see how the game evolved in America and how it’s been a part of our history since the beginning.”

The book hits stores Tuesday October 8th, but you can purchase an advanced hardcover copy from Amazon here, that you will be more than pleased with when you get your copy.


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