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Sixers announce blunt new slogan "together we build"

For the past few seasons the Sixers have used the slogan, “Show Ya Luv”.  The slogan caught on well because instead of getting Sixers fans behind the superstar they lacked, it got them behind the team. Fans were showing “luv” for a team that besides Jrue Holiday, didn’t have anyone that fans could really love. (Yeah we are looking at you Andre Iguodala).

Amidst all the change this off-season with Holiday and Doug Collins out, and Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter-Williams, Brett Brown, and Sam Hinkie/Analytics in, the Sixers announced what they called their “new marketing campaign today”.

“Show Ya Luv”, is now a thing of the past, and replacing it will be “Together We Build”. It’s a marketing campaign that shows the Sixers understand that the current roster is once of the worst in the NBA, but they are in the process of building what will hopefully be an NBA title contender.

My favorite part of the press release, was where the Sixers decided to give us a history lesson, that I could see right through.

In 1776, our nation’s Founding Fathers gathered in Philadelphia to form the United States of America. Their vision for the country was great, but their dream took more than a pen stroke to be realized – it required hardship, years of challenge and a fervent commitment to progress to help them grasp what the future could hold.

Translation, this year isn’t going to be fun, but if we can land the number one pick and draft Andrew Wiggins, it will all be worth it.

Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil also spoke on the new campaign.

“The team’s vision is great – to work toward a future we can all be proud of, that will unite the people of Philadelphia and inspire our youth to achieve more,” O’Neil said earlier this afternoon. “We are at the foundation of our plan, but the Sixers will lean on one another as a team, taking the ideas and support of our fans and the passion of Philadelphia to press on toward our ultimate goal.”

The Sixers will likely jam “Together We Build” down our throats all year, and if they land the number one pick and get Andrew Wiggins, and Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams have solid rookie seasons, then it will be a campaign that fans will really get behind. If the Sixers do “well” enough to only get the fourth pick in the draft and Noel and Carter-Williams struggle this season, the campaign will go unheard, because Sixers fans will tune out the team much like they have since the draft.



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