Sep 17, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Flyers center Maxime Talbot (25) celebrates his goal with defenseman Brandon Manning (3) against the New York Rangers in the second period at the Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Flight Plan, Episode 4: "I Need to Be Scary"


Another new episode of the Flyers’ webisodes series Flight Plan has been released, and contains four parts that track the Flyers through their media tour. 

Part One focuses mostly on right winger, Jakub Voracek, and center, Max Talbot, as they go through off-ice media.  They come across as guys that like to joke around and have fun before training camp begins.  Voracek comes in clean-shaven for pictures, while Talbot is concerned about how his facial hair looks on camera.  He says the season has started and he “needs to be scary,” despite the fact that his girlfriend does not like his beard. 

Voracek and Talbot continue to be the focus through Part Two of the episode, although we do get a quick glimpse of Lecavalier.  Talbot talks about the strangest thing he has ever been sent in the mail: a fan once sent him a play-off beard after a Flyer’s loss in the play-offs.  Other funny moments include when Talbot must stand on a step to be tall enough for a photo shoot, and when the Canadian mistakes the word Twizzlers for tweezers.  This part of the episode wraps up with a couple minutes with Lecavalier doing media in Montreal.  I enjoyed seeing him for one of the first times in a Flyers jersey, but wished they spent a little more time with him in this episode.  He is a great player, but I would have liked to see more of him off the ice.

Scott Hartnel is the focus of Part Three as he goes through the media tour.  Hartnell is known for his great attitude and that really shows in this episode.  It looks like he is having a good time, joking around with many people throughout the short clip.  In one interview, he is asked to complete the sentence: “The Flyers will make the play-offs if…”  He responds that the team needs to stick together and work hard.  Even though the Flyers have had a less-than-stellar preseason performance, I am hoping the bonding events during training camp will help them come together as a team and find motivation to start the season off well, as Hartnell suggests.

Part Four wraps up with Bruno Gervais visiting Preston and Steve at WMMR studios in Philadelphia.  He proclaims that he is a big fan of the show and brings them some gifts like a stick and t-shirts.  Gervais jokes that the t-shirts are “almost a Giroux,” saying they are just one number short.  The funniest moment comes when they ask about former Flyers’ goalie, Ilya Bryzgalov, known for his quirkiness.  Gervais simply says he is an “interesting” guy, which the hosts claim sounds better than “crazy.” 

All in all, I enjoyed seeing some veterans off the ice, in contrast to the first three episodes which focused on rookies and younger players.  It was fun to see the guys joking around and having some fun during the media tour.  The only criticism I have is the lack of time spent on Lecavalier.  As a new Flyer, I thought the team would use this opporunity to introduce him to Flyers’ fans, and build support around him.  But perhaps the fact that he was in another location limited this as a possibility.  I am looking forward to the next episode which will get into training camp and look at the development of Brayden Schenn and Michael Raffl.

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