Phillies To Lower Down Sign From Veterans Stadium, So There Is A Better View Of Skyline


Chances are if you are reading this piece, you have been to a Phillies game over the now ten years that Citizens Bank Park has been the home of the Phillies. And if you are like me, you don’t miss the Vet too much, because Citizens Bank Park enamors you a different way every time that you visit it.

Still, one piece from Veterans Stadium remained, and for me it was a neat reminder of Veterans Stadium. That piece, which formerly was the Veterans Stadium Theme Tower, can be seen from behind the outfield of the Stadium, and because it looked older and pretty cheap, it was kind of a cool way to commemorate the Vet to me. Let’s be real here, even when the Vet was new it was an older and cheap looking Stadium.

Anyways, Matt Gelb of reported today that the sign will be getting some cosmetic changes, because most fans don’t feel like me and have a special love for the sign.

A large crane hoisted an American flag beyond centerfield at Citizens Bank Park during the last homestand. The crane is temporary, but it is there to fix what fans have long regarded an eyesore at an otherwise beautiful ballpark. Yes, the Veterans Stadium “Theme Tower” is being lowered.

The tower will remain in a different form, a team spokesperson said. It will be lowered in height — from 157 feet tall to 115 feet — and become a two-sided message board. Construction began this week.

According to Gelb, the sign is being lowered because of the consistent complaint that you will always here from the type of fan who goes to the game wearing a Hollister polo-it blocked the view of the city skyline.

There was one problem: It partially blocked some views of Center City from the stands at Citizens Bank Park.

Personally, whenever I go to the games I will glance out to the city skyline, but I’m usually a little more focused on the action taking place on the field. If I wanted to see the Philadelphia skyline, I would take a bus trip around Philly, not pay to go watch a baseball game.

In the end, the change does make the stadium more aesthetically pleasing, which does appeal to a certain demographic of “fans”. Or Customers, however you want to look at it.









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