The Eagles almost drafted Russell Wilson, after passing on Kaepernick trade

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It isn’t exactly breaking news that the Eagles were planning to draft Russell Wilson in the second round of the 2012 NFL draft before the Seahawks stole the Eagles thunder and selected the future rookie phenom with the 12th pick in the third-round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Knowing that the Eagles could have had Russell Wilson is painful, despite Michael Vick throwing for a career-high 428 yards yesterday, but I had accepted it and successfully forgotten about it. Until this from Pro Football Talk via Adam Schefter. 

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the 49ers nearly traded Kaepernick to the Eagles for a second-round pick prior to the 2012 draft.  Because Alex Smith had a strong year in 2011, after Kaepernick had been drafted, the 49ers reportedly were willing to move him.  Schefter says the Eagles backed out because they believed they could get Wilson — a player “whom they geared their whole draft around.”

I would gladly have taken either quarterback, but the idea of Colin Kaepernicks bullet arm, great size, and incredible mobility on the Eagles  intrigues me even more than Russell Wilson. Again though, I’d be perfectly happy with Russell Wilson, who not only is a great young quarterback but appears to be an even better person, as the face of the Eagles franchise for the next ten to fifteen years.

And it got even better when PFT’s Mike Florio essentially squeezed lemon juice all over the imaginary (maybe) cuts Eagles fans had after reading this article, by reminding  us of the seemingly small risk it would have required to land Wilson and the ramifications the pick could have had.

If that’s accurate, the Eagles should have used one of their two second-round picks on Wilson, who either would have beaten out Mike Vick in the preseason or seized the job after Vick suffered a concussion in the regular season, possibly in the process saving the job of Andy Reid.

Chip Kelly is the Eagles coach and Andy Reid isn’t so I guess that is a positive. But if Reid could have somehow landed Kaepernick or Wilson and still played Vick, leading to his firing, imagine where the Eagles could be this year with Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick in Chip Kelly’s offense.


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