Riley Cooper and Cary Williams involved in practice altercation; Michael Vick key in breaking it up

Riley Cooper and Cary Williams haven’t exactly had ideal off-seasons. Sure, Cary Williams landed fresh off a Superbowl victory with the Baltimore Ravens, and signed a three-year deal with the Eagles, but the expected leader of the secondary has come off more as selfish and egotistical in his time in Philly thus far. And if I even need to explain why the 2013 off-season has been a disaster for Riley Cooper, then you probobly haven’t been paying much, or any,  attention to the NFL this offseason.

Less than five days prior to the first game, and the two sent the 2013 off-season out with a bang.

Chip Kelly and the Eagles like to play loud, motivational music during their fast-paced and up-beat practices, so you didn’t hear any audio in that video. But according to Jeff McLane, Williams used “a racial slur” during the incident.

Williams used a racial slur during the incident, according to an Eagle that was near the altercation. According to the player, Williams said to Cooper more than once, “I’m not a n- you [mess] with.”

I don’t understand why their is such a disconnect between generations here, but Cary Williams saying “Nigga”, is not a racial slur. It is an accepted word in the African American culture that means the same as bro, homie, etc. Nigga and the N-Word are not the same thing.

As for the fight, it doesn’t mean much to me on the surface. When you practice with the same people everyday in hot conditions, tempers do occasionally boil over. That is just a part of the game, and anyone who has ever played a sport involving two-a-days outside understands that. I think for the most part this is a media created story because of the people involved.

And at least according to Cooper, the issue had nothing to do with the video that surfaced of him using a racial slur earlier this off-season.

Cooper went on to say that the two got tangled up, before Cary Williams told reporters that he wasn’t taking questions today in a not-so-friendly tone.

Riley Cooper is Riley Cooper at this point. By that I mean he is a decent NFL player, who made a huge mistake, and every time he is in a bad situation from here on out, that huge mistake will be thrown in his face whether it is relevant or not.

I’d like to see Cary Williams step up as more of a leader, because that is part of what the Eagles payed him to be, and it doesn’t seem like he is exactly embracing that role so far.

I like to see the leadership of guys like Michael Vick, helping to break this up, and hopefully make this an issue of the past as the Eagles build towards Monday Night Football against the Redskins.


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