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Two Phillies fans arrested for trying to steal Wrigley Field Ivy

I can’t imagine walking into a Chicago prison cell, and being asked what you are in for, and having to respond, “My buddy and I tried to steal the ivy from the outfield wall at Wrigley Field.” Yet, yesterday afternoon, two Philadelphia men did just that according to NBC Philadelphia.

 Two 25-year-olds, Kevin Burge and Steven Gudknecht, from Chalfont, Pa., were charged with criminal trespass to property and are due in court on September 26.

The two men apparently squeezed through a barred window and security guards spotted them and called police.

According to a spokesman for the Chicago Cubs, the men were attempting to take ivy from the outfield walls, but there was no property damage and nothing was stolen.

“It’s happened, we’ve had people trying to take the ivy before, but it’s still illegal,” said Cubs spokesman Julian Green.

Streaking seems more worth going to jail for than this. Don’t get me wrong, I have an incredible respect for the history of baseball, but what are you going to do if you are able to get a piece of the ivy? If you try to show it to your friends and brag about it they won’t believe you because you have no real proof that you didn’t just go to the old lady down the street’s house and take the ivy off the side of her house. And even if your friend somehow does believe you, the best reaction you’re going to get is, “Wow that’s cool.” I think Steven and Kevin now realize that potential payoff wasn’t worth the risk of getting arrested.

Memo to the national media: Just because two idiots did something stupid like this and they happened to be Phillies fans, that doesn’t mean that all Philadelphia fans are a disgrace to sports.

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