Roy Halladay approves of Manuel firing, backs Sandberg as new manager

Roy Halladay believes that the switch to Ryne Sandberg as manager will have a positive influence on the Phillies. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

While Roy Halladay apparently struggled mightily with his control in a single-A rehab start last night, he had some interesting thoughts to contribute to the big-league club.

Halladay spoke extremely highly pre-game of new manager Ryne Sandberg, and talked about despite his positive feelings towards Manuel, the Phillies may have needed a change at the manager’s position.

“I’ve exchanged texts with him,” Halladay said of Manuel. “Obviously I love him. He was great. From what I’ve seen, Ryne came in and made some changes and addressed some issues that I think were being overlooked. As much as I miss Charlie, Ryne will do a good job. He’s going to bring back a little more of the Philly baseball style than we’ve had the last couple of years. We haven’t had that whole team effort, that whole team hustle.”

Halladay had this to say, when asked to elaborate on what issues were being overlooked.

“Just different things,” Halladay said. “Guys being at places on time; being on the field on time; taking ground balls; taking extra BP. All of those little things that nobody thinks makes a difference. It’s been very good so far. Again, I don’t want to take anything away from Charlie. We all respect him tremendously.”

I don’t think any of us are necessarily surprised by Halladay revealing that guys were showing up late, and not focusing on the small details. As I have repeatedly said, complacency has crept into the Phillies locker room. And over the past two seasons you really wonder what exactly leads them to think that they have earned the right to be that way.

I don’t think Charlie deserves the blame for that. These are men between 20-40 (mostly in their early to mid-30’s), and they make their own choices. I think shaking up the managers spot is an attempt to try to send a message to the team that if Charlie can lose his job, no one is safe. Hopefully it wakes the team up, but at this point I’m not sure how much that matters because Ruben Amaro Jr. hasn’t constructed a team good enough to go to the playoffs even if they were more focused.

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