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Michael Vick won't just be on the Eagles in Madden 25

If you have become bored with Madden over the past few years, you aren’t in the minority. The general consensus I get is that Madden has gone from being an untouchable sports gaming franchise, to not being as popular as Fifa or NBA 2K.

So in an attempt to take Madden back to the era where it truly was an untouchable sports gaming franchise, EA Sports has introduced an interesting concept that will be implemented in Madden 25, called the Madden All-25 team. The mode will allow you to to play with 25 of the greatest players in Madden history, including Vick is his athletic prime with the Atlanta Falcons in 2004, the year he was the cover athlete of Madden.

The idea of the Madden All-25 team is explained further here as is the list of each player available on the team.

 To celebrate 25 years, members of the Madden NFL development team and community selected the greatest football video game athletes at the height of their virtual careers to the All-25 Team. Check back daily to see who has been named to the All-25 Team, playable in Play Now in Madden NFL 25.

No word on whether playing with Vick in Madden is still considered “cheating” or not.

In addition to Vick, Eagles legend Brian Dawkins was also selected to the Madden All-25 team. Dawkins will be available to play with on the All-25 team, as the 1999 version of B-Dawk.


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