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Ruben Amaro "We do not start over"

No one in the country has gotten a bigger pass over the last 24 hours due to the Riley Cooper comments, than Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. Amaro basically laid an egg at the trade deadline, reportedly passing on trade offers for both Carlos Ruiz and Michael Young.

Today, Amaro joined Mike Missanelli on 97.5 the Fanatic, and addressed the trade deadline.

When asked  about whether he held onto Young despite trade offers because he believes that he can get more for him through a waiver trade in August, Amaro gave a definitive answer.

Yes. We believe that their is no reason to give Michael away.

Amaro then responded to the idea that keeping Young isn’t helping the team at this point.

 We like what Michael brings in the clubhouse, and he demonstrates how we want our younger guys to approach the game.  If Michael was blocking a player that we thought would be an intrical part moving foward, we would move him.

I guess that speaks to how high, or not high, that the Phillies are on on Cody Asche.

Missanelli then switched the discussion to rumors that the Phillies were talking about a contract extension with Chase Utley.

We don’t want to have those discussion publicly. I think I’ve said before that we hope to keep Chase in a Phillies uniform.

Missanelli then responded to the question by asking “why would you keep Utley, when you have two prospects ready to play at the MLB level?”

Cesear Hernandez is a very good prospect, as is Freddy Galvis. What they do at the MLB level remains to be seen. I don’t believe either of them have the offensive ceiling as Chase Utley.

Missanelli, as he should, continued to grill Amaro on Utley and the future of the team. There was a point in their interview where you sensed the frustration in Missanelli’s voice. He had dropped a heated discussion about Riley Cooper, and Amaro was bullshitting him in the interivew, and acting like his usual pompous self. Missanelli then asked,” isn’t there a point where you start over?”

Amaro swiftly responded with “We don’t start over”.

So essentially the interview didn’t tell us anything that we didn’t  already know. Amaro still believes that a team that currently sits seven games under .500 on the first of August, can turn things around next season and contend with a few minor tweaks. Bless his soul.

The Phillies might not “start over” as an organization, but may, actually would, be best served starting over with a new general manager.






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