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Jimmy Rollins says Phillies have hit "rock bottom", won't waive his no-trade clause

The Phillies are one and eight since the All-Star Break, and after getting slaughtered by the Tigers in a weekend sweep, Jimmy Rollins didn’t mence his words on how he feels like things are going for the Phillies.

“If there’s a bottom,” Rollins said after the Philies’ 12-4 loss to the Tigers at Comerica Park, “this has to be it. I can’t imagine things getting worse than they have this past week, culminating the way they did today.”

Rollins is batting .260 with five homeruns and 31 RBI’s this season, and as much as we all love Jimmy, he hasn’t exactly been a solution to the Phillies problems.

Rollins isn’t on the right side of 30, and the idea that the Phillies would move on from him, rather than Chase Utley, to open up a spot for Freddy Galvis to play has been speculated on. However, Rollins has five and ten rights, which give him a full no-trade clause. And it doesn’t sound like he plans on waiving that.

“There are still a couple of things I’d like to be No. 1 in for this organization,” the team’s all-time leader in doubles and games at shortstop said, “so until those things are done, I’m not going anywhere.”

I’m glad to know that Jimmy plans on sticking around to help deliver another parade down Broad Street. That’s the problem with this team. After winning one and going back to another, they lost track of what the number one goal was-winning a world title. Rollins particularly seems to have become too comfortable in Philly, and I really feel like he may need a change of scenery to re-energize him.



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