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Danny Knobler "Phillies could sell on a limited basis, Michael Young possible"

Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a sweep last night at the hands of the Cardinals clearly demonstrating that the Phillies already small playoff hopes are over, the Phillies organization doesn’t appear to have come to grips with reality yet.


Certainly putting Young, who is an impending free-agent, out on the market makes sense. But, what does Ruben Amaro need to see to do the same thing with Chase Utley? Why not at least listen to offers for Jonathan Papelbon and Cliff Lee? And even guys like Jimmy Rollins and Carlos Ruiz? Besides Dom Brown, and the unmovable contracts of Cole Hamels and Ryan Howard, if the Phillies are going to sell, no one should be untouchable.

It just feels like Ruben Amaro is going to make a minor trade like Michael Young, and then try to bring in a few veterans this off-season to make a run with the same core that is likely to miss the playoffs for the second straight season. Ruben says that he “doesn’t have time for a five year rebuilding plan”, but what he doesn’t realize is that every season that he is bringing back the same core without much turnover, he is setting the team back another season anyway.

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