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Phillies Play Fantasy Baseball and Recall Michael Martinez

My fantasy baseball team has been mediocre this season.  I’m currently in 8th place with an uninspiring 76-78 record.  It seems like I can’t make much headway, as every time my team has a strong week, I follow that up with an equally poor performance.

My team needs major improvements, but sadly there aren’t any available players who would make much of a difference  So instead of making a true impact-making transaction, sometimes, I just make a move for the sake of it.

A perfect example of this came earlier this week when I picked up Houston first baseman Brett Wallace, and dropped Mike Aviles.

I realize that the move probably isn’t going to make much a difference in the long run.  I rarely started Aviles, and I imagine that Wallace is going to spend a lot of time on the bench as well.  Maybe Wallace will unexpectedly catch fire, but chances are, my team’s fate will depend on the other players on the roster.

That transaction came to mind when I heard that the Phillies recalled Michael Martinez from the minors and sent down catcher Humberto Quintero.

The Phillies had been carrying three catchers on the roster since the All-Star break.  Teams typically only carry three catches if there is an injury concern, or if the backup has a potent bat, and the manager wants more opportunities to use him as a pinch hitter.

As far as I can tell, both of the Phillies catchers are healthy.  And though Eric Kratz may be a good hitter as far as backup catchers go, he certainly isn’t a dangerous enough hitter to merit carrying another catcher.

Perhaps the reason that the Phillies carried three catchers for so long is because they really didn’t have any better options for the roster.  Despite needing another outfielder since Ben Revere’s injury, the Phillies considered his potential replacements and didn’t think any were worthy of being recalled to the major league team.

Looking at the roster of the Phillies’ Triple A affiliate, it seems as if the obvious replacement would be Leandro Castro.  Admittedly, Castro’s stats are underwhelming, but considering that Martinez is notorious for being one of the worst hitters in baseball, underwhelming doesn’t sound that bad.

Then again, I wonder just how much that last roster spot matters.  If the game comes down to the last player available on the bench, then a team is generally not in a good spot anyway.  (I realize that I’m likely jinxing the team, and we’ll soon get a game that hinges on a Martinez plate appearance)

So maybe this was just a move made for the sake of making a move.  If the Phillies truly want to rise above the mediocrity in which they are mired, it will take more than shuffling the 25th member of the roster.

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