Breaking: Dom Brown joins Twitter

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I swear Domonic Brown used to have a Twitter account, followed all his followers (including me), and then mysteriously deleted his account. Apparently he didn’t and that was just a fake, because there is a new Dom Brown Twitter account floating around, and it seems to be pretty legit.


There are a few reasons that it seems legit. First off, if someone was going to make a fake Twitter account of Dom Brown, they wouldn’t have waited until after his monster month of May and him being an All-Star to do it. Secondly, the Twitter picture doesn’t look like one that someone got off Google Images, because it isn’t him playing. The picture appears to be Brown with his mother and sister, and seems like too personal of a picture for anyone else to have access too.

And if that wasn’t enough proof that this is really Domonic Brown, Ben Revere telling us to go follow “downtown Brown”, pretty much clinches it.

So go ahead and give Domonic “downtown”  Brown a follow at @dom9brown. And make sure you do the same and follow me at @KashKelly_TRST

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