Ben Revere disses Andrew Bynum, gains more love from Philadelphia

Prior to breaking his foot, Ben Revere was making up for a slow start by becoming one of the more consistent hitters in the Phillies lineup. So Philadelphia was already starting to love Ben Revere, and then he tweeted this tonight.

Who really cares if Bynum signed with the Cavaliers a week ago, and only six million of the 24 million is guaranteed. Ben Revere doesn’t like the fact that Andrew Bynum made absolutely zero attempt to ever play a game for the Sixers. Especially considering that he is working hard to come back from an injury and hopefully help lead the Phillies to the playoffs. Ben Revere comes off as a guy who understands the Philadelphia sports fan’s mindset, and that is going to continue to win him a lot of fans. That and continuing to be a consistent leadoff hitter when he returns.

And Andrew Bynum will forever be an infamous name in the Philadelphia sports community.

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