(Video) Phillies fan gets hit in head, Nationals announcer laughs because that's so funny

Philadelphia has the national reputation as city with no class, because someone our grandparents age threw a snowball at a drunk Santa Claus almost 50 years ago. That happened at Veterans Stadium, which was torn down when I was eight years old. I am almost eighteen now and I am the editor and lead writer for a site owned by Fansided and with connection to Sports Illustrated. But yet, any time an announcer forgets to do their homework before they come to a series in Philly, they can always drop the old “Did you know they threw a snowball at Santa Claus?”, to get out of actually doing their jobs.

So basically whenever something bad happens having to do with another cities fans or media members, I go out of my way to point it out. Lord knows the national media isn’t doing it.

If you missed it, during last night’s Phillies-Nationals tilt, a Phillies fans was hit in the head by a homerun from Nationals second-baseman Anthony Rendon. This poor man, was cracked in the head. The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Section 215 go out to this guy, and we all hope he wasn’t seriously injured.

For obvious reasons the video was all over the internet quickly. Deadspin did an article displaying the highlight, and since I enjoy Deadspin, I clicked on it. Watch and listen to this highlight below, and tell me what catches your attention.

Besides the fact that a man as hit in the head, I found it to be a tad ridiculous that Nationals color-man F.P. Santangelo said at the very end of highlight, “And did you see him wound the Phillies fan?”. I mean you would have to be blind not to see it, but if he had said that and then responded with, “I sure hope he is okay”, that would have been cool. Instead Santangelo said that, and starts chuckling. How in anyway is it funny that a fan was hit in the head? Please explain that to me, because I must be out of the loop.

The Nationals had to ban Phillies fans from buying tickets to keep us from selling out Nationals Park and making it Citizens Bank Park south. So I guess, when Santangelo saw a Phillies fan get hit in the head, he somehow found that funny in a sick way that I can’t comprehend.

Santangelo should have to issue an apology, if not be suspended by MASN. But I’m sure since Nationals fans never threw a snowball at Santa Claus, the national media won’t go out of there way to make this a big story.

Update:Santangelo responded to me on Twitter, and I think given his response all is cool now.


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