Dan Connor, Giants' LB, arrested at Philly International Airport

New York Giants linebacker, Dan Connor, was arrested at Philadelphia International Airport Saturday morning after a switchblade was found in his luggage. But this is not the first time Connor is making some noise in Philly. There was a time not so long ago in March, 2012 when rumors about Connor joining the Eagles’ defense were swirling around. Perhaps the Delaware County native and Penn State graduate was a little bitter about the Birds passing him over or perhaps he just forgot the switchblade was in his luggage. Whatever the case may be, Connor has been charged for weapon possession, although he has since been released on his own recognizance.


Dan Connor, linebacker for the New York Giants, was arrested Saturday morning at Philadelphia International Airport.

Some people feel as though the Philadelphia Police and TSA were a little too tough on Connor. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the dutiful TSA employee working the X-ray machine was a die-hard Eagles’ fan. With a new coach, uncertainty at the quarterback position, and a previous season of disappointment, taking certain precautions to null a defensive threat when the Eagles first face the Giants on October 6 isn’t such a bad idea. Although Connor will be battling it out with Mark Herzlich for the starting linebacker job, he has been a member of the Eagles’ two biggest rival teams in the last five years (the Cowboys and the Giants) and has started 27 games in the past three seasons. Enough to be considered a defensive threat I’d say. So as Connor continues to be cooperative with Philadelphia authorities to get this whole little incident worked out, I look forward to seeing the Eagles face him and the Giants this season, away on October 6 and in Philly on October 27.

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