Mike's offseason plan doesn't involve doing much except standing pat from here on out. It definetely doesn't include bringing back Andrew Bynum. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Missanelli interview on Phillies trade deadline plan, Andrew Bynum, Michael Vick and more!

Mike Missanelli is the host of “The Mike Missanelli Show” everyday on 97.5 the Fanatic, which is the highest rated drive-home sports show in Philadelphia. Mike also hosts the Phillies postgame show with Larry Bowa every Sunday on PHL17. Mike was kind enough to join me and answer some questions on burning topics in Philadelphia sports currently.

Note: All of my questions are marked with Emily: and Mikes answers are marked with Mike:.

Emily: Mike, thanks for taking some time to join us here on Section 215. We really appreciate it.

Mike: No problem, Emily.

Emily: What are your overall thoughts on the Phillies right now? Do you think the Phillies can snag a wild card spot and go to the playoffs?

Mike: I think the Phillies should be in full “re-mixing” mode and looking to re-stock this team for the immediate future. It is clear that short of a miracle, this team wouldn’t be capable of rallying enough to get into position for a playoff spot.

Emily: What moves need to be made by Ruben Amaro Jr. at the trade deadline?

Mike: My blueprint would be as follows: trade both Lee and Papelbon at the deadline for a team’s BEST prospect, the player ready to take that next step to the major leagues at a Phils position of need, and also for two other minor league players. I would also try to move Chase Utley, Michael Young, and if there is any kind of a market, Jimmy Rollins as well.

Mike’s blueprint for fixing the Phillies would including trading Cliff Lee before the July 31st trade deadlineMandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Emily: Who do you think will be the Eagles week 1 starting quarterback?

Mike: I think it is Michael Vick’s job to lose. I believe he will be the starter and keep the job until he’s either injured (most likely) or not efficient (very possible).

Emily: How successful of a season do you think the Eagles will have? What record will they finish with?

Mike: I think the Eagles, at BEST, are a 7-9 team. Probably 6-10.

Mike believes that at best the Eagles will be 7-9 in Chip Kelly’s first season as the Eagles head coach. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Emily: Should the Sixers bring back Andrew Bynum?

Mike: No. That ship sailed…and sunk.

Emily: Who should the Sixers target in the offseason?

Mike: I wouldn’t target anyone. I would re-build with youth, win a maximum of 25 games next year, then be in a position in a very deep draft next year to add more talent.

Again a special thanks from everyone at Section 215 to Mike Missanelli of 97.5 the Fanatic for joining me for this exclusive interview. You can follow Mike on Twitter @MikeMiss975


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