Report: Adam Aron let go as 76ers CEO

According to Howard Eskin, Adam Aron (Far Left) will not return as Sixers CEO. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Not that I necessarily trust Howard Eskin, but it appears that Adam Aron is no longer the 76ers CEO.


And not only is Aron out, but Eskin says the Sixers know who the next CEO is going to be.

The New York Daily News writer that Eskin is referencing is Frank Isola. Why Eskin didn’t just tag him and give him credit is beyond me.

The Sixers have responded to the report by saying no comment, this according to Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News.  I think with that response it is safe to assume that Aron is out. Had the report been false, you would have thought that the Sixers would deny the report rather than saying no comment.

If it does turn out that Aron is being let go, the timing of the move is peculiar to say the least. Why in the middle of a head coaching search, three days before the NBA draft, would you fire your CEO? Why wouldn’t Aron have been let go immediately after the season or when Sam Hinkie was named the new Sixers general manager? The timing just doesn’t make sense.

Is Aron being let go that much of a surprise? Not really. After the disaster that was the 2012-13 season, and the mishandling of the Bynum situation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Sixers would decide to change CEO’s. On top of all that, Sixers owner Joshua Harris seems to really be behind Sam Hinkie’s analytics plan and Aron may just not fit into that. And with reports that Aron’s input wasn’t taken into account on the hire of Hinkie, my guess is that Hinkie and Aron don’t exactly see eye to eye. Still, why is this decision being made the week of the draft?

Aron came off as a good guy, and was very active with fans on Twitter. That earned him some love from Sixers fans, but unfortunately when Andrew Bynum didn’t work out, heads were going to roll. And while Joshua Harris may not have originally anticipated letting Aron go, he needed to take the team in another direction and Hinkie’s analytics plan seemed the be the direction he wanted to go. Aron on the other hand may not have been on board, and Harris may have decided that it was best to go in the direction of hiring a CEO on board with Hinkie’s plan. Still, it took this long to come to the conclusion?


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