Allen Iverson on his way to prison today?

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Were talking about-PRISON? According to numerous media outlets, Allen Iverson could be headed to prison today for a few different reasons.

Iverson returned his five children last week after reports from TMZ that he was holding them hostage from his ex-wife Tawanna in an Atlanta hotel. But according to Hip-Hop Enquirer, Iverson has basically ignored orders given to him by a judge.

Hip Hop Enquirer broke the story. Yesterday, Fulton County Superior court judge Bensonneta Tipton-Lane (the same judge who presided over Usher Raymond’s custody case) held former NBA star Allen Iverson in Contempt of Court for violating an earlier custody and support order in which he was supposed to fork over $40,000 to his ex-wife Tawanna Iverson as well as enroll in a substance abuse class as a condition of his visitation with his children.

According to the article, Iverson’s ex-wife Tawanna claims that Iverson made one of the child support payments earlier this year, and has yet to make another payment. Iverson of course, had reasoning for not making the payments.

While there was already a court order in place for child support, Allen Iverson took the witness stand and testified that he thought he didn’t have to pay child support because certain actions by Tawanna lead him to believe that they were reconciling.

I’m not a child support expert, but when your ex-wife accuses you of kidnapping your own children and begs the judge to put you in jail, that doesn’t come off as reconciling to me. And Iverson proceeded to admit when being cross-examined that he had told Tawanna that he wasn’t going to pay the child support that he owed her. So Iverson made it clear with that admission that his excuse that he thought Tawanna and him were reconciling was complete bull. And the judge seemed to feel the same way.

With those words from his mouth, Judge Lane held him in Contempt of Court and ordered him to pay a total $71,000.00 within 72 hours otherwise she directed the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to place him under arrest and keep him in jail until the payment is made.

And not only could “The Answer” be headed to jail for his missed child support payments, which has been a national report floating around for a few days, but he could also face jail time for not attending any alcoholic’s anonymous meetings.

The father, rather unapologetically, testified that he had consumed alcohol “maybe twenty” times recently, including during his parenting time; that he had not taken any therapy sessions; that he had not taken any therapy sessions; that he had not attended any AA meetings; and that he did not intend to attend any.

That quote came directly from the judge, who issued Iverson an ultimatum. Either he registers with an A.A. clinic, or he will be put in prison for five days. Those five days would be separate from the time that he could get if he doesn’t pay his child support.

Over the past week, I’ve had a chance to talk to some sources close to Iverson. They all told me similar stories. Iverson is sick of being in the spotlight, and being bothered everywhere he goes. In a lot of senses the sources believe that Iverson would like to kind of fade away from the world and be out of the spotlight for a few years. The problem is that Iverson can’t simply not pay child support, or ignore a judges orders to attend A.A. clinics. If A.I. is smart he will do what the judge tells him, because the quicker that happens, he can get away which seems to be his wish. Hopefully he is able to continue to have a relationship with his kids, but that is up to him, and to be honest I’m not sure he is fit to have children at this point. Maybe a two or three year hiatus from the real world is what Iverson needs.




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