Allen Iverson Accused of Kidnapping his Five Children by Ex-Wife

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Another week, and another depressing story about how badly Allen Iverson is struggling to find any sense of normalcy after his hall-of-fame NBA career. This story really gives you the sense of how screwed up of a childhood Allen Iverson’s children have, because it reminds you that not only is Iverson a mess, but so is his ex-wife Tawanna.

The story coming from TMZ, yeah TMZ,  is that Iverson reportedly took the couples five children on a vacation to North Carolina with the permission of Tawanna, who legally is the only one with custody of the children. The vacation was supposed to end on May 26th according to Tawanna, and Iverson was supposed to return the kids to her.

Tawanna Iverson just filed legal docs, claiming Allen recently asked for permission to take their five kids on a short vacation to Charlotte, NC from May 22nd-May 26th (and Tawanna agreed) but when May 26th rolled around, the children hadn’t been returned.

According to the article, Tawanna also tried to meet Iverson on June 4th to pick up the kids, but Iverson was a no-show. No word on whether Iverson agreed to meet and didn’t show, or never answered Tawanna in the first place.

In the docs, Tawanna says she tried to set up an exchange on June 4th at a neutral location — a nearby Target store — but A.I. never showed up.

Tawanna now claims that Iverson has kidnapped the couples children and is holding them captive in a hotel in Atlanta. Her biggest concern? That Iverson drinks excessively around the children. Well shit Tawanna, it’s pretty common knowledge that Allen Iverson is an alcoholic, and you ere the moron who allowed him to take his children anyway. What responsible parent does that? Weren’t you concerned that Iverson would drink around the kids even on the original vacation to North Carolina?

I’m sick of the Iverson drama. He is a moron, who probably should end up in jail after this, and I can’t even say I feel that badly anymore. It’s pretty evident that his wife isn’t exactly parent of the year after this news either. I don’t feel bad for either of them. I feel awful for the five children that the couple has, who have to be a part of a messy divorce with an alcoholic father who gambled all his money away and a mother who is dumb enough to let her kids go on vacation with an alcoholic father. And to top it all off, the news is all over the internet, radio, and television for the world to see.  The kids are the ones that we need to feel bad for at this point, not Iverson.

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