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ESPN's Graziano: "Zero" Chance Eagles Trade Vick Or Foles

While Nick Foles and Michael Vick (and maybe Matt Barkley) may be locked into what is set to be an intense quarterback battle this summer, regardless of the outcome it appears that all three will be dawning midnight green for the 2013 season. At least if you ask ESPN’s Dan Graziano.


And if you think about it, why would the Eagles trade any of the quarterbacks on their roster? Obviously Barkley, who the Eagles drafted in the fourth round in this years NFL Draft, isn’t going anywhere. If Vick wins the job, he may very well get hurt or struggle, and if the Eagles can continue to work with Foles, he can slide in and play. And really Foles trade value wouldn’t be higher than the potential reward the Eagles could get if they continue to work with him. For Vick, unless someone loses a high-profile quarterback between now and the end of training camp, who is going to want a then 33 year-old with a 10 million dollar deal?

So in the end trading any of the quarterbacks regardless of whether they begin the season as the starter isn’t very feasible  and in the case of Barkley and Foles, just doesn’t make sense.

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