(Pictures) Lincoln Financial Field To Get $125 Million Upgrades

Two brand-new stadiums were built in Philadelphia in the early 2000’s and opened within a year between 2003 and 2004. Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, has gained the reputation as one of the nicer stadiums in the MLB. And Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles, is really one of the most forgettable stadiums in the NFL. Eagles Owner Jeffery Lurie is trying to change that.

According to CBS Philly and the Eagles website, the Eagles are in the process of beginning a 125 million dollars worth of upgrades at the Linc. And according to Lurie, this is a way to reward Eagles fans for all their passion, even through some thin years the last two years.

“I really appreciate all the work with the fans because they know best,” Lurie stated, “they’re the ones sitting there. They’ve invested a lot of money … emotion is invaluable, but there is a financial investment. This is a way to return their investment and make their investment more valuable by making the stadium better.”

Here is a video of Eagles President Don Smolenski, with Dave Spadarro discussing the upgrades coming to the Linc.

The first big investment that is coming, is video boards that stretch further than the current ones, and should help to enhance fans views of replays at the Linc.

A picture of the new video screens that will be part of the Eagles 125 million dollar upgrades to the Linc. Image courtesy CBS Philly.

Before you even get into the Linc to see the new video board, one of the complaints about the Linc has been how long it takes to actually get inside the stadium. As part of the new renovations, the Eagles are aiming to fix that by making the entrance gate bigger, as shown below.

The new stadium entrance at the Linc.

Once you are in the stadium, the Eagles are planning to upgrade the seating in the stadium between now and the 2014 season, and this .gif shows exactly the new seating plans. In total 1,600 seats will be added. Also as you can see on the top “a bridge”, as the Eagles call it, will be added so that fans can tour the entire stadium beginning from the southwest portion of the Linc.

The next upgrade coming is that the Eagles will re-do the suites and benefits by re-painting and putting up historic player graphics on the suite and club levels of the stadium.

Reggie White, for example, will be one of the new graphics that fans can see on the Suite level as part of the teams renovations. Image courtesy of philadelphiaeagles.com

The Eagles also plan to make some smaller upgrades such as adding Wifi to the entire stadium, upgrades to the team’s Touchdown club, concession stores will be re-done, and the Eagles pro-shop will also be re-done.

The renovations will be taking place between now and the beginning of the 2014 season. Some smaller upgrades like the Wifi and the concession store upgrades will be done for the 2013 season, while the seating upgrades and new video boards will likely won’t be built until after this season. As they Eagles like to say they aren’t rebuilding the stadium they are “re-tooling”. And if the “re-tools” turn out to be as nice as they look the pictures above, it will be a pretty exciting “re-tool” to the Linc.



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