Philly Phlashback: Chase Utley With the F-Bomb Heard Around the World

Chase Utley isn’t normally a man of many words. He usually lets his bat and glove do the speaking for him. But at the 2008 World Series Championship parade, Chase Utley could have said anything he wanted and we would have cheered him on at the top of our lungs-and he did. After Harry Kalas gushed over Utley in his introduction, Chase Utley delivered an F-Bomb that even moms across the Delaware Valley cheered for.

It’s really hard to believe that this happened almost five years ago now. Obviously we all still love the Phils, but it is undeniable that the group that the Phillies trot out now isn’t nearly as fun or half as talented as the 2008 World Title team. And it’s funny, I always felt like the Phillies would in another title with that core. And as most of the players still on the team from 2008 reach their mid 30’s it’s pretty evident that while it isn’t impossible Utley, Howard, and Rollins get another title in Philly, it certainly doesn’t appear likely. It really makes you wish you could go back to 2008 and relive some of the great moments. It was an incredible team, and an incredible ride, and gave us memories that we will always cherish as Phillies fans.

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