Flyers Jake Voracek Somehow Walks Away Unharmed After Crashing Ferrari

As the title says, Jake Voracek of the Flyers, walked away unharmed this morning from a nasty crash in the Czech Republic. But judging off of the pictures of his totaled Ferrari, it’s clear that Voracek is damn lucky to have walked away at all.

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That is a scary picture, even knowing that Voracek was able to walk away without any injuries. The most surprising  thing about Voracek’s crash, is is apparently wasn’t alcohol related.


I have never driven a Ferrari, and for that matter most likely never will, but I just can’t imagine how Voracek was able to lose control this badly without being somewhat impaired. I guess that the most important thing is that he was able to walk away virtually unharmed  but as his agent told Tim Panacio,   “He got lucky”, and I wouldn’t want to bet that  he could do this a second time and have the same result.

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