Sixers Have 0.8 Percent Chance Of Winning Number One Pick In Draft Lottery

The Sixers record-wise should have the number eleven pick. But it isn’t enough for the NBA to just get the ratings off of tonight’s Spurs-Grizzles Game Two. No the NBA will also hold its annual draft lottery tonight, and the Sixers have a very very outside shot at landing the number one pick. About as much of a shot as they have of signing LeBron James next off-season.

Today USA Today ranked the odds of the 15 teams entered in the Draft Lottery, who are the teams with the 15 worst records from the 2012-13 season, and the Sixers were given a whopping 0.8 percent chance of landing the number one pick.

The moral of the story is that if you tune in tonight expecting the Sixers to land the number one pick you are very likely to be disappointed. But if you tune in with the expectation that the Sixers could land a pick in the top ten, well the odds are still against you, but not quite as badly.


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