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Evan Mathis Is An Ass; But He's Our Ass Philly

Just days removed from peeing on an IRS sign, and living to post the picture on Twitter, Eagles guard Evan Mathis is showing us all why he is a must follow on Twitter. Today he posted this picture.


So basically Evan Mathis is becoming the Slim Shady of the NFL. You might not even agree with everything he says or does, but you whatever he says or does has crossed your mind, and when he does it you can’t help but laugh.

And national people acting like Evan Mathis is a nobody lineman, who is just trying to get his name out there need to get a clue. Evan Mathis has been one of the best guards in the NFL over the past two years and made it to the Pro-Bowl last season. Evan Mathis may be, actually no he is an ass, but he is funny and he is a damn good NFL guard, so let’s not lose perspective of that.

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