Votto, Arroyo, and Reds Crush The Phillies 10-0

Kyle Kendrick didn’t have his best stuff from the outset today, and that was clear. Kendrick was able to strand runners on the corners in the first inning, but the Reds are one of the best offensive teams in the MLB, and when you don’t have your best stuff, they are going to make you pay. And in the second inning, Kendrick wasn’t able to wiggle his way out of trouble as Todd Fraizer and Donald Lutz reached base, and Ryan Haningan made Kendrick pay for a pitch out in the zone, by depositing a three-run shot in the left field stands.

Kendrick would finish out six innings today, allowing eight hits, and four runs. Did he give the Phillies a great performance today? No not even close. But for once it would have been nice if a starter could go out and have a bad day, and the offense could bail him out once. But that wasn’t today, as Bronson Arroyo was locked in from the word go, and no one on the Phillies offense was able to step up, as Arroyo was able to toss 7.2 scoreless, allowing only five hits. And if that doesn’t sum up how well Arroyo pitched today, all you had to do was watch some of the breaking balls he was dropping in on the Phillies lineup, and the fact that he didn’t allow a runner to reach scoring position until the eighth inning. Yeah Arroyo was locked in, and more than that, the Phillies lineup wasn’t.

And as off as Kendrick was today, in his time in the game he kept it within four runs and gave Phillies fans reason to watch after he exited the game. And then B.J. Rosenburg, Jeremy Horst, Phillippe Amount, and Chad Durbin gave Phillies fans reason not only to turn off today, but maybe not even come back and watch tomorrow, as they allowed six runs over the course of the final three innings to put the game out of reach.

Joey Votto delivered the final two runs off of the Phillies bullpen with his second bomb in as many days. Votto has reminded me in his two days in Philadelphia that with the exception of Miguel Cabrera, there isn’t a better overall offensive player in the MLB. Votto reached base six total times today, on four hits and two walks, while also walking twice.

Joey Votto goes yard in the ninth inning for the second time in as many days. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

And Joey Votto reminded us all today, not just how good he is, but seeing someone that good, and having the Phillies shut out for the sixth time this season, reminds you how bad the Phillies offense truly is. This is already the sixth time the Phillies have been shut-out in 2013 which already equals the amount of times that the Phils were shut-out last year, and it isn’t like the 2012 Phillies were offensive juggernauts.

Coming into this afternoon’s game, the Phillies had won four of five games and had given Phillies fans reason to believe that they may be turning things around. But it seems like once a week (at least), the Phillies deliver a pitiful performance like this and it just brings us all back to earth. A sad but increasingly real earth.


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