Ruben Amaro "I Don’t See Us Making Any Trades Any Time Soon"

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Friday, Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr spoke to the media, and addressed the idea of potentially making a trade in hopes of improving a Phillies offense that has struggled mightily this season.

 “I don’t see us making any trades any time soon. There’s too many teams that are in it, not enough teams that are out of  it.”

Amaro does make a fair point that, there isn’t much in the way of trades that can be done in May when very few teams are ready to give up on their season. But as these stats, courtesy of Jim Salisbury at CSN Philly show, the Phillies offense needs a spark right away if they are going to contend.

20th in the majors in batting average (.246)
24th in walks (108)
23rd in homers (34)
25th in on-base percentage (.304)
26th in slugging (.379)
26th in OPS (.683)
27th in runs per game (3.61)
25th in times on base (448)

Darin Ruf for many, including Jim Salisbury, seems to be a logical call-up at this point because he would provide some much needed power into the lineup, but Ruben Amaro seems to feel that Delmon Young and Ryan Howard heating up, is the spark that the Phillies offense really needs.

“Right now we have to be patient to see if Delmon starts swinging it. And Ryan [Howard] is going to have to start swinging it. If those guys do then we’ll be OK. If they don’t we’ll have to figure out what we’re going to do.”

Ryan Howard may very well heat up, but him getting hot still might not be enough to propel the Phillies into the playoffs, and I’m not holding my breath on Delmon Young at this point.

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