LeSean McCoy "Mike (Vick) Cheated, He Can't Beat Me In A Footrace"

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA Today Sports

In an interview with the NFL Network’s Albert Breer Friday, LeSean McCoy addressed numerous topics including Chip Kelly’s fast paced practices. McCoy had high praise for Kelly calling him “a great coach”, and explaining how the different looks that Chip Kelly’s offense will give opposing defenses will make the Eagles a potent offense in 2013.

The most interesting part of the interview actually had nothing to do with how to do with how the Eagles will perform on the field in 2013. If you remember earlier this month, Mike Vick tweeted and Colt Anderson confirmed, that Vick beat LeSean McCoy in a forty yard dash race after McCoy had been taunting Vick and calling him old. However when Shady was asked about the reported loss to Vick in the forty-yard dash, he had a different side to the story.

“This is a promise, if I can convince Mike to race me again I’m going to call NFL Network myself, so you guys can film it and you can be the judge, because he cheated. Mike is fast, he is athletic, but he can’t beat me in a footrace and we did it for publicity.”

According to Breer, McCoy told him off camera that has refused to race Shady a second time, so the chances that we will ever get to watch this race on NFL Network are not high. And with Mike Vick in a three way battle to be the Week One starting Quarterback, that is good news for Eagles fans. But damn, even though it proves absolutely nothing as far as playing football is concerned, I want to see if Vick, at this point in his career, can still defeat LeSean McCoy in a footrace.

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