Could Greg Oden Be A Fit For The Sixers?

If Greg Oden can prove that he is healthy, could Philadelphia make sense as a potential landing spot? Mandatory Credit: Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought that you wouldn’t have to deal with a seven foot center with chronic knee problems anymore, I’m about to drop a bomb on you Philly. Not literally of course, and in today’s day and age I guess I need to clarify that. But today our parent site Fansided, did a piece on Greg Oden potentially making an NBA comeback, and the piece intrigued me. And the way my mind works, I have convinced myself that Greg Oden may be a low-risk high-reward type risk, that new Sixers General Manager Sam Hinkie should consider making.

If healthy Oden would produced better than any other player the Sixers could potentially have, unless it is Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum, and indications are that Oden has looked good working out recently. Ohio State Foward DeShaun Thomas, had high praise after working out with Greg Oden according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. 

 “Man, he looks unbelievable,” Thomas said. “He’s down there working out. He’s running, lifting weights. You might be seeing a comeback. He looks like he’s ready to go. He’s running, getting in shape. I’ll tell you one thing. For a big 7-footer that’s all he does — running and getting in shape. He’s looking right.”

Look I have no idea if Greg Oden really is healthy, and I understand that he hasn’t played in the NBA since the 2009-10 season, but Oden always was a defensive stud, and his offensive game appeared to be budding prior to going down with another knee injury in 2010. He would be an upgrade of Spencer Hawes on defense and in the post. And Oden is deemed to be “attempting a comeback”, so it isn’t like the Sixers would have to guarantee Oden much of anything, especially if the signing didn’t work out due to Oden getting injured again.

The Sixers are a team that with the exception of Jrue Holiday lack NBA starters, and if Oden could find a way to stay healthy or even get out of the court for 50 games next year and produce, he could prove to be a steal. I don’t know if Greg Oden would fit into Sam Hinkie’s plan of analytics, but I know that the idea of signing Greg Oden is intriguing at the very least, if not a very smart idea.

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