Vick Versus Foles Verses

If you read his last
Column, I decided to
Poke a little fun

At the poet who’s
Formerly known as Reilly,
With a few haikus…


Rushing wind tackles
Biting through the energetic
Waves of defenders.

Hut hut pat pat pat
Decisions made in decisive
One, two ,three step drops.

Three, four, five step drops
Precious un-wasted seconds
Efficiency in practice.

Three or more in a
Quarterback competition
For better or worse.

Extend for big plays,
Quick slants down the seam,
Green grass grace unmowed.

Unknown offensive
Assaults the cheers in the stands
Vick’s in motion.

Bone-crunching crushing
Ribs apart breaking bending,
Warrior spirit.

And arms in flutter
A race unlike nuclear
Hands slap grab leather.

Nick Foles delivers
A different kind of speed,
Football intelligence.

And still yet others
Participate in Spring winds,
Winding and weaving .

Running and dodging,
Seeking the curious coach
For cooler Fall play.

Pictures click clacking,
Words awash whispering,
Like books unbound.

I’m not Rick Reilly
And this is not the Empire –
Better, it’s Philly yo…

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