May 8, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay (34) talks to the media before the game against the San Francisco Giants at AT

Poll: Should Roy Halladay Return To The Phillies in 2014?


I’m not asking in this poll, whether or not, the Phillies should bring back Roy Halladay, that topic will be addressed at a later date when hopefully Halladay shows the Phillies that either the surgery has given his arm life once again, or that he is truly done.

But rather, if you are the soon to be 36 year-old Roy Halladay, do you return to the Phillies in 2014?

Halladay does have an option for next year, but it will not vest because he will not end up pitching enough innings due to the injury riddled stretch that he has endured the last two seasons.

Halladay is again 36, and has only won one playoff series in his career. And to be honest with you guys, if I’m Roy Halladay and I look around at the Phillies team that has aged rapidly during my tenure, what would make me want to stay? The goal for Halladay, especially now that he knows that he isn’t going to pitch forever, should be winning a World title, and the Phillies in 2014 and beyond may simply not give him a very good option to do so.

Regardless of injuries, Doc will have suitors, and teams that will be willing to guarantee him five plus million. So the idea that Ruben Amaro is just going to call up Roy Halladay  in late February and say, “Doc I noticed you haven’t signed with anyone, we’ll give you a minor league deal with an invite to big league camp and a shot to make the MLB roster”, is a complete joke. Halladay is going to have his options, and given who he is, how hard he works, and his reputation around the MLB, there will likely be a contender willing to take an expensive risk on Doc, if not more than one.

So all of that taken into account, if you are Roy Halladay are the Phillies a team that you would want to return to in 2014? I understand that we don’t know what other teams that will be competing for Doc’s services, so this is a hypothetical question at this point, with very little knowledge of other teams interest, or the Phillies interest for that matter.

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