Evan Mathis Ranked Number 6 Player In NFL in 2012 By Pro Football Focus

Evan Mathis was a stud in 2012, and it went un-noticed by most because of the overall struggles of the Eagles Offensive Line as a whole.  Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


The Eagles Offensive Line was one of their many Achilles heels in 2012, but Evan Mathis had very little to do with that. The 31 year-old Mathis was a large reason why despite a horrendous overall performance from the line, LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown were still able to have solid seasons running the ball. And while Mathis’s solid individual performance went un-noticed by most in 2012, it appears one football outlet, has finally put in perspective just how good of a 2012 campaign Evan Mathis compiled.

Pro Football Focus has spent the last month or so, releasing their top 101 players of the 2012 season. This week Pro Football Focus, released their top ten players of 2012, and one name caught the eye of NFL fans.

Evan Mathis not only cracked the top ten, not only was ranked higher than Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, not only was the only offensive lineman in the top ten, but he checked in at number six overall, as the second highest rated offensive player in the NFL. NFL MVP Adrian Peterson was the only offensive player ranked higher than Mathis on the list. Here was how Pro Football Focus broke down Mathis’s 2012 season, and justified ranking him at number six overall.

It’s easy to ignore guards, but when you’re looking at an ‘all players created equal’ list, then you simply have to have Mathis this high. The Eagles may have struggled, but the continued brilliance of Mathis was unavoidable. He might not have the same impact blocks as others, but his continued ability to create movement at the point of attack makes Mathis the best guard in the league.

It’s incredible to think that just a few years ago, Mathis was just an NFL journeyman. Howard Mudd deserves a lot of credit for how well he worked with Mathis, but above all Mathis, who was one of the biggest pro-bowl snubs in 2012, deserves more credit around the NFL than he gets because of how good of a guard he has become.


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