Sixers Announce D-League Team Delaware 87ers-Yeah This Is Real

As if last Sixers season wasn’t enough of a joke, the Sixers now have a D-League team. Getting a D-League team is perfectly fine, but when I heard the name I was off board.


And even though the D-League’s account is verified, I hoped that the name was somehow a sick joke. And then the Sixers confirmed the name.


And not only did I come to the said conclusion that a team affiliated with the Sixers would have a name as un-creative as the 87ers, but if you look at both tweets it mentions that the team’s official account will be @sevens. The 76ers account is @Sixers, and no one in Philly actually calls the Sixers the 76ers, so by the transitive property, the 87ers will be called the Sevens by their fans. Really has a ring to it doesn’t it?


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