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NFL Schedule 2013: Complete Philadelphia Eagles Regular Season Schedule

It’s a new era in Philly. Out with Andy Reid, and in with Chip Kelly. And while the Eagles are a team that will likely take a few years to rebuild, just the idea of a new time in Eagles history has fans eager for the 2013 season to begin. Tonight the NFL released their 2013 schedule, and while the Eagles may not be expected to compete for a Lombardi Trophy next February, judging off of the NFL’s schedule, the Eagles are still a marquee team to watch for fans across the country.  Without further ado, here is the Birds 2013 schedule.

Week 1- Eagles at Redskins 7:10 PM ESPN Monday Night Football

Week 2: Chargers at Eagles 1:00 PM CBS

Week 3:Chiefs at Eagles 8:25 PM NFL Network Thursday Night Football

Week 4: Eagles at Broncos 4:25 PM Fox

Week 5: Eagles at Giants 1:00 PM Fox

Week 6: Eagles at Buccaneers 1:00 PM Fox

Week 7: Cowboys at Eagles 1:00 PM Fox

Week 8: Giants at Eagles 1:00 PM Fox

Week 9: Eagles at Raiders 4:05 PM Fox

Week 10: Eagles at Packers 1:00 PM Fox

Week 11: Redskins at Eagles 1:00 PM Fox

 Week 12: Bye

Week 13: Cardinals at Eagles 1:00 PM Fox

Week 14: Lions at Eagles 1:00 PM Fox

Week 15: Eagles at Vikings 1:00 PM Fox

Week 16: Bears at Eagles 1:00 PM Fox

Week 17: Eagles at Cowboys 1:00 PM Fox

Hardest Game: While the Packers will be difficult because Aaron Rodgers could very well torch the Eagles secondary, and the Vikings could have Adrian Peterson run all over the Eagles, week four, the Eagles head to Mile High, and will face Peyton Manning and the Broncos. This was a team that went 13-3 and despite a collapse to the Ravens in the playoffs, looks to be even better in 2013 after adding Wes Welker.

Most Intriguing Game: Is it even a question? Andy Reid coming back to Philly, on a national stage in Thursday Night Football week three, may very well end up being the highest rated NFL regular season game this season. It should be a very win-able game for the Birds, but the subplots of will Reid get booed, how is Chip Kelly panning out in Philly, and who has the better coach, will gain enormous interest across the country.

Overall Outlook: The Eagles are in a division that it competitive, but certainly doesn’t feature one team that is far and away the best. It is a rebuilding year with a new coaching staff and new personell, so to try to handicap a record now, especially considering the draft hasn’t even taken place, is difficult. However, the Eagles see Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte, and Aaron Rodgers just among a few of the non-divisional opponents.

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