Chip Kelly "Mistakes Happen When You Reach"-Implications on Geno Smith?

Wednesday, new Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly was interviewed by the NFL Network’s Chip Kelly on a variety of topics. One quote in the interview really stuck with me the second I heard it.

When asked about how the Eagles free-agency moves will affect the Eagles plan in this month’s NFL draft Kelly said, “You look at the history of this, when people make mistakes it’s when they kind of reach for something that probably isn’t there. We feel right now that we don’t have a need, (that) we have to take this. We’ve put ourselves in a position to take the best player that is available.”

The best player available at number four, certainly isn’t the newly found lightning rod that is Geno Smith, whether or not you are in favor of the Eagles selecting him to be their next quarterback. The best player that the Eagles will have the chance of selecting at the number four spot is one of the two offensive tackles, either Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel or Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher. The Eagles will have the option of drafting whichever one isn’t taken number one overall by the Kansas City Chiefs. Both of them are much safer picks than Smith, because they are considered sure things, which Smith isn’t.

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I’m not saying don’t take Geno Smith, but at the same time I have my concerns. I think the bottom line is that if Chip Kelly feels that Smith fits his system the best, than the Eagles should take Smith. But after reading Kelly’s quotes about not reaching, and taking the best player available, it sounds way more likely that Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel will be an Eagle than Geno Smith. And if Chip Kelly feels that Smith is a reach or just isn’t his guy, then I am comfortable with going offensive tackle at number four overall.


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