Roy Oswalt Says He "Would Love To Come Back To Philly"

Could a Roy Oswalt return to the Phillies be in the works? Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

This season, while only seven games young, is beginning to reach the status of being comical. Let’s join the Twitterverse as Phillies fans are desperately trying to search for the solution to the Phillies early starting pitching woes.



While I’m extremely tempted to reach out to Roy and correct his grammer in the second tweet, I’ll stick to the point here. Oswalt says he feels the best that he has since 2010, which is essentially the last time that we saw Oswalt pitch at a high level, after coming to the Phillies in a mid-season deal from the Houston Astros. Oswalt struggled in 2011 with the Phils and was horrendous for the Mariners in 2012, but many felt that Oswalt was unhealthy, and to me he looked mentally checked out of baseball. I hope he is healthy, but I even after reading this tweet, the idea of Oswalt returning to Philly never even crossed my mind. Of course, it did for a certain Phillies fan.











And  Roy Oswalt, who never seemed enamored with pitching in Philadelphia,  was quick to address the idea of the return of R2C2.

The idea of a healthy Roy coming back to Philly sounds fun, but the idea of a 35 year-old who posted a 5.80 ERA just a season ago, being the savior of the Phillies sounds like wishful thinking to me.


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