Former Eagle Nnamdi Asomugha finds A home with San Francisco 49ers

After being released by the Eagles, Nnamdi Asomugha has found his next team, in the San Francisco 49ers Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well San Francisco, he’s your problem now. I really feel tempted to say that. However, in the back of my mind I am scared that Nnamdi Asomugha, who signed a one-year incentive laden deal with the 49ers Monday, will end up with a ring. And normally when players leave the Eagles, I am indifferent in terms of what future success they have, but after the way Nnamdi performed in Philadelphia, I truly hope he fails in San Francisco.

For the 49ers this is a move that makes perfect sense. The most the 49ers can end up paying Nnamdi is three million and that is only if he performs at a high level again in 2013. If he does then the 49ers got a steal in the 32 year-old Asomugha, and if not then they pretty much lose nothing. So it is a low-risk/high reward, catch lightning in a bottle, (insert sports cliche here), type of move. And Asomugha has very little expectations on him in 2013 as well, because most people believe he is done, and he is going to a team that has so many high profile defensive stars, that if he struggles he will just be forgotten. So for both sides it is a solid deal.

Asomugha, according to  sources of ESPN’s Adam Schefter, chose the 49ers over the Saints largely because he wants the shot to chase a Lombardi Trophy. All I can say is Philadelphia won’t be rooting for Kaepernick and the boys next year, because the idea of Nnamdi getting a ring, regardless of his individual performance, is sickening.

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