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Donovan McNabb bashes Romo, proceeds to get owned by Cowboys fan

I appreciate everything that Donovan McNabb did in his time in Philadelphia. At the same time, I see what he didn’t accomplish as well. Real Eagles fans see that, and I don’t want to keep going because I’ll get sidetracked into a whole conversation about Donovan McNabb’s Eagles legacy, and that isn’t the point of this blog. The point of this blog was originally going to be to show former Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb’s reaction to Tony Romo’s six-year/55 million dollar extension. But, as I went to get the embed code to post the tweet, I saw an Cowboys fan, reply and completely embarrass Donovan McNabb.

This tweet from an analysts perspective comes off as a fair tweet. However considering McNabb and Romo played at the same time, this tweet to me goes beyond just being critical, when Donovan McNabb says “You got to be kidding me.” It almost makes it seem like McNabb has a bone to pick with Romo. However he was right, and the tweet itself was a story. Except for the fact that McNabb forgot who that one playoff win was against, and a Cowboys fan kindly reminded him.

Yeah Donovan had a better career, but all I could think of when I read this tweet, was Kelso from “That 70’s Show” screaming BURN!

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