Cole Hamels may have topped Ron Jeremy for the greatest p*rn star mustache ever

I know tonight’s game is at Citizens Bank Park,and I should be extremely excited. But, if the game isn’t counting towards the Phillies win/loss record it usually doesn’t mean much to me. However, Cole Hamels has given us all a reason to stay tuned into tonight’s game. While Hamels didn’t pull off a beard very well in his final spring start, he appears to have perfected the p*rn star moustache. And if #ColeHamelspornstarmustache isn’t trending on Twitter by the end of the game, I would be shocked.





Well I guess you get it. But the real test of a great p*rn star mustache, is the comparison to the legendary Ron Jeremy. Take a look and vote, who pulls it off better?

Better p*rn star mustache?

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