Former Eagles Quarterback Vince Young “Put On A Show” At Texas Pro Day

Vince Young is looking for a shot to continue his NFL career.  Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Young is a name that you do not mention in Philly in 2013. Why not you ask? Simply because as Eagles fans we are all enjoying the Chip Kelly era so far, and saying a name such as Vince Young reminds Eagles fans of the beginning of the end, a.k.a. “The Dream Team”. I don’t need to go back and recap Vince Young’s horrible 2011 season in Philadelphia, but let’s just say not only did he start the dream team drama, but he was one of the worst Eagles quarterbacks, at least the ones that played, in recent memory. Young’s performance in Philly left very few teams interested in him this past offseason, but he was signed by the Buffalo Bills, to backup then Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. However after a rough pre-season, the Bills traded for Seahawks  backup Tavaris Jackson, and released Young. Young sat out the 2012 NFL season and went back to the University of Texas to finish his degree, which many felt was a course of action that Young took to prove that he had matured.

After a year out of the NFL, Young got a chance to show off to NFL scouts at today’s University of Texas Pro-Day. While Young said that he was “Mostly here for the guys (The Texas Seniors)”, it’s safe to say he left an impact on some of the scouts who watched him today. Young may have left the biggest impression on former Cowboys Executive Gil Brandt who went as far as saying that Young “put on a show”  and excelled making tradition pocket passes, throwing while on the run, and even throwing deep balls, which Young struggled with mightily in 2013.

So what does this mean? Most likely that some NFL team is going to give Vince Young a shot, and at best he will get a chance to be a starter and be a mediocre quarterback who can run and when he is facing a real NFL defense reverts back to being an inconsistent passer. The worst case scenario is that he gets cut and his NFL career is over. Either way Philly can never, and for that matter will never, forgive Vince Young for starting the “Dream Team” debacle.


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