The Doug Collins era in Philly is over

Doug Collins in your face style is leaving little impact on the Sixers in 2013. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This Sixers season has gone from a year in which we thought that Andrew Bynum could make the Sixers a real threat in the East, to Bynum not playing and the Sixers becoming unwatchable. Tuesday’s loss to the Magic may very well have been the most unwatchable game this season. But the Sixers aren’t catching national headlines today because they lost to one of the worst teams in the NBA, but rather because of Doug Collin’s postgame press conference last night. Collins who worked for TNT as a Color Analyst for many years prior to getting back into coaching, is normally friendly with the media regardless of the outcome. Tuesday things boiled over for Collins.

“I sure didn’t see this effort coming,” Collins told reporters in his postgame presser.

Collins went on to say that regardless of the outcome, he had been happy with the 76ers effort level in previous games against Miami and New York, but that this performance was unacceptable.

The bottom line is that without Andrew Bynum having played a game, coupled with the losses of Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala, Doug Collins’ squad  has severely lacked not only leadership, but real talent. As good as Jrue Holiday is, he has had no help. Part of that is the lack of depth on the team, but also part of it is the lack of development from guys like Evan Turner. And that goes squarely on Doug Collins.

Seemingly from day one of Collins taking over, he has had Evan Turner in and out of his doghouse. And it isn’t like Turner is the only one, but he is the best example because of where he was drafted and his lack of development. And because Turner represents what has happened to the entire Sixers team- they have tuned Doug Collins out.

When asked today about Collins postgame comments Turner said talk about how he was,”sick and already worried about that, and didn’t have time to worry about this.” Spencer Hawes said he looked partially at the quotes as, “Doug being Doug.”

Evan Turner and Doug Collins had the Sixers started in a promising direction in 2010-11 season, when they both came to Philly, and it seemed that the Sixers were a star and Turner and Holiday developing away from being a scary team. Instead Doug Collins made the mistake of being too much of a perfectionist  to the point that his message has become stale and tuned out by the team. And if the Sixers want to take the next step

It is much like what Mike Singeltary went through in San Francisco. When Singeltary took over for Mike Nolan, he was a brash coach, who turned around the career of Vernon Davis and caught the love of fans and the media. Not to mention he made the team respectable, much like Collins did after taking over for Eddie Jordan. But within a few years, Singeltary’s style had worn thin, mostly because of players tuning him out due to his excessive knit-picking. And look what happened after Singeltary was let go. The 49ers have gone to two straight NFC Title games and made a Superbowl appearance under Jim Harbaugh. I’m not saying that the Sixers can have that quick of a turnaround, but it is time to figure out what is next. Collins is the Singeltary to the Sixers because he is a fiery, sometimes to a fault, that bridged the Sixers from an ugly era. But just as the 49ers moved on from Singeltary when his messaged wore thing and found Jim Harbaugh, the Sixers can do the same. And they need to. It is time for the Sixers to find their Jim Harbaugh.


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