So Andrew Bynum actually practiced yesterday

This is the closest that Andrew Bynum has been to playing for the 76ers. Until Yesterday.   Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Somehow this story slipped through the cracks yesterday, until our friends at Liberty Ballers reported it this morning. ANDREW BYNUM ACTUALLY PRACTICED WITH THE SIXERS YESTERDAY!

According to Real GM Bynum played in a full scrimmage with the 76ers.

Past that, there is nothing to report. But if Bynum is  practicing that leads you to believe that he must be within a couple weeks, at most, of returning. As Sixers fans we should contain our excitement because it would only take Bynum’s fiftieth “setback” of the season, to make this news meaningless, but if all holds up number 33 may be on the court in March!

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